What is strength?

A lot of us tend to define strength only in what we can physically push or pull. We don’t think about our mental strength, or emotional strength, which I think are just important. Having emotional strength means you’re self aware, you have internal motivation (what’s important in your life?), you have self-discipline & have empathy for yourself and for others.

Being mentally strong doesn’t mean we have to “act tough” rather it means just training our mind to have positive & productive thoughts, managing our emotions better – because being in touch with our emotions & how we feel is crucial to understanding our behaviors or reactions to a situation, & helps us make the decisions necessary when needed. 

Strength goes above what I can push or pull. I remind myself daily that It’s not necessary to “pretend to act tough” it’s necessary to be self-aware of my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. That’s my focus. That’s my goal.

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