Welcome #30!

I turned 30, on the 30th day of the 3rd month of the year. I’m not a numbers guru, but pretty sure this sequence of numbers stands to represent a great year a head! It’s also safe to say, I’ve been planning my 30th birthday for a while. So while cruising through my 29th I started really mapping out the things I would like to incorporate into my 30th magnificent celebration. First of all, having my mother next to me was mas mandatory, as was traveling to somewhere new. So what did I do? Worked my ass off and bought her a plane ticket to meet me in Europe. Having close family members and friends to sip champagne with was also a top priority.

I hope you enjoy this short V-Diary from my trip to Europe with my family to celebrate my 30th birthday. It’s safe to say that I spent 95% of the trip over-drinking Sangria & Champagne, so a lot of my video footage became unusable (lol). Nonetheless, I managed to salvage some of it & here we are! I’m embracing it, the memories I have will last me forever & it still warms me up inside when I look back at our trip together! xx

Thank you for sharing this year with me, I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.
Ps: If you live in Barcelona, & know my tour guide, please give him my number. Thanks (lol).

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