Moving Abroad: One of the best decisions I’ve ever made

For quite a few years I have been working on a master plan to move abroad. I’ve always been intrigued by travel, culture, and experiences. Whenever I visit somewhere foreign, I feel transformed, & the experience itself brings me to a new high, allowing me to grow & continue on my pursuit of happiness.

I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve applied to worldwide, from Australia to Switzerland, Paris to Dubai, Bali, Thailand and so on. I’ve been obsessing with the idea of getting out of the United States, getting out of my comfort zone in search for a new thrill.

Now, I know exactly what you’re going to ask me: “Why would you want to leave the United States?” Ahh, the Golden Question. First of all, I am originally from Venezuela. I lived half my life in Venezuela & a little over half in the States. I’ve grown up in a bi-cultural environment, speaking 2 languages, with a fairly liberal mother who has always supported anything my brother & I have wanted to do. Second of all, given how incredibly big this world is why wouldn’t you want to leave?

Let me just make it clear that words cannot express how thankful I am to be able to call myself a Venezuela-American citizen. I’m blessed to have been raised in the “Land of the Free” where opportunities are endless, you’re free to be who you are, believe in who or what you want & live how you wish. I’ve attended one of the best universities in the country (Go Hurricanes), I’ve had plenty of opportunities to grow professionally & personally, & for the most part have always had a since of security.

Although I have plenty of good things to say about living in the States, I also have plenty of things I dislike or disagree. Fortunately for me, the bad outweighed the good & it motivated me to want more for my family, myself & my future; hence my obsessing with looking for jobs abroad.

A lot of you may not understand my decision to want to leave such a “peaceful country” & relocate somewhere so far away from my family, my friends, and everything I’m used to, but I’m hoping that by sharing some of my struggles & aspirations you’ll understand why I wanted more.

Early Years:

My early years in the States weren’t the easiest. Moving was a bit of a shock as it happened so suddenly for my family. Luckily we arrived somewhere where we had family so that helped tremendously. My mother sometimes worked 3-4 jobs to keep my brother & I in good schools. We didn’t have it easy, but my mom never let us down. It took me years to understand why everything needed to happen the way it did.

Middle Years:

Sports were my life & I knew it would eventually lead me to getting into college. I wanted to swim in Florida. Unfortunately I had an injury my senior year of HS that affected my training; lucky for me the support from my family helped me stay motivated, I just needed a new game plan.

Orlando, no not where Mickey Mouse lives: In Orlando I…

I grew upA LOT.

I partied A LOT.

I messed up A LOT.

I learned A LOT.

Made incredible friendships with people I’m blessed to still to call friends.

Finished Personal Training School & got my Associates Degree.

Beginners hustler course: Got started in the nightlife game.

I started to plateau and was desperate for a way out.

Recent Years:

“Palm Trees, Blue Skies, Gangsters & Goons, Where the Parties don’t stop ‘til the next afternoon:In Miami I…

I mastered the art of hustling.

Learned how to invest my energy into people & things.

I figured out that not everything that shines is good for you.

Made REAL friends, I’m blessed to still be able to count on.

I felt head-over-heels type of love.

Experienced the kind of heartbreak we have nightmares about.

I partied…A LOT.

Grew up…SOME MORE.

I discovered what my true passion, goals, needs & wants were & obsessed over them.

Realized…I was more valuable than I gave myself credit, and it was time to grow some more & become an even better individual both professionally and personally. I obsessed over the pursuit of happiness.

It hasn’t been easy, in fact it’s been pretty tough sometimes, but I never let go of my goals. I still felt that the world was forever growing with endless opportunities. I started opening myself up to the possibility of moving abroad. I started researching & applying. I reached out to all my friends already living abroad & asked for help. I wanted to know what life outside the States was like. I wanted a change of lifestyle. I wanted new opportunities & new experiences. I wanted a new story to write & I was 110% pro-active in getting out & creating it.

Present: The Sandpit

As life would have it, my brother & I shared similar points of views regarding our lifestyle and opportunities to grow professionally & individually. My brother was offered a job in Kuwait & he’s been living abroad for almost 3 years. He later persuaded my cousin Danica, who also shares our ideas, & helped her find a job abroad; she’s been in Kuwait for almost a year. Together they began to sell me the idea to join them in Kuwait. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning. I kept making up excuses for myself; eventually my excuses ran out; after years, & numerous job applications, God, the Universe & timing was finally on my side.


The opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, change my environment, change my lifestyle, my job & my home…was finally at my fingertips. I have found a way to use my education, work experience, & my love for travel to make a long-term career.



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