Since the moment I decided to leave Miami in 2015, my life has been changing… & fast.  It’s been a continuous momentum of energy that has shifted me into completely different directions. Directions that have influenced a powerful & positive change in my life.
Moving to Kuwait from Miami meant I needed to leave everything I was comfortable with. Not only is Kuwait the furthest East I have ever been, it’s a country & a culture I was completely unfamiliar with, & only knew about thanks to mainstream media. Lucky for me, my brother & my cousin were already in Kuwait & did a great job selling me the opportunity, & it intrigued my curiosity enough to give it chance. My first couple of months in Kuwait were rough. I was homesick, I missed my normal life & everything in Kuwait just felt like a challenge; but just when I felt like giving up, packing up and going home, December came around, The Burrow opened it’s doors, and everything changed.
Meeting you all for the first time gave me butterflies. I wanted you to like me, to trust me, to understand me, and to believe in me. I was afraid that you wouldn’t accept me, I was nervous about my professional performance in a new country & with a new team, and all those butterflies were so alive they gave me the push I truly needed to make it work. As the weeks continued and we got to know each other, things got easier. You accepted me, you trusted me, you believed in me, you confided in me, & you supported me. When I was sick you filled me up with caring messages, when I needed a laugh you were there to tell me a joke, when I told you I missed my dog you brought me yours so I could get my puppy dose in, and when I felt homesick, you were there to invite me into your homes. All that you’ve done & shown me has helped me grow, helped me feel welcomed & at home. Watching you grow both in your personalities & your health & fitness through these 2.5 years has been an absolute honor. Being able to say I am a part of The Burrow, and watching myself grow both as a person & a professional is an experience I’m incredibly grateful for.

Thank you.




The Burrow has been a driving force in showing me that hard work pays off. The same butterflies have now made a comeback, but this time I know all about the love & support that’s around me, & I’m at peace & able to share this with you.

As of April 5th, with the support of The Burrow team, my role within the facility will be totally changed. The shifting point comes after the acceptance of my new full-time role with the International Veterinary Hospital, in Kuwait. (Yes, all the puppies!). Working with animals has been one of my dreams & passions & I’m ecstatic about my new adventure, but I can’t imagine my life in Kuwait without being a part of The Burrow family, which is why I’m humbled to remain a part of the team as The Burrow’s first Brand Ambassador.
The future looks like an exciting one for both of us & I’d like to thank you for all that you’ve done & continue to do.
Sincerely yours;

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