Hey #31!

Hey 👋🏽#31

Oh the 30’s! I’m loving you & we are just getting started! Look, I get it, everyday alive should be celebrated, but birth-days are special days & I’ve always felt they needed to be celebrated accordingly!

It’s been 31 years since I first came into this world & It feels good! I’ve been through it, & watching myself grow and adapt through it all has been really rewarding, & because I think self love is really important I always try to do something special for myself on my birthday. It’s literally an anything goes, no rules, have fun, & enjoy it type of plan, & believe me it usually goes really well 🤣

I had an incredible few days of celebrating life! I can’t even put it into exact words because I’m filled up with so many amazing feelings, but I’d like to say thank you to all of you who messaged me to send me well wishes for my birthday & a massive thank you to the humans who were there to celebrate it with me! Cheers to the amazing memories;


Thank you for making me feel so special!        




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  1. Soud ALDHUWAIHI says:

    God bless your beautiful soul 🙏🏼 May all year be full of joy and happiness.
    I have one your to join you in the 30’s

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