Have Less. Do More. Be More.

The past few days have been rather confusing and stressful. I continue to have these out-of-body-experience type feelings where I doze off while someone is talking to me or I’m waiting in-line at the supermarket. While I’m sitting there I just daze off for a few seconds and during this time I’m literally looking at myself actually sitting in the moment. This is really happening. I’m really in Kuwait. This is real life.

You may think to yourself: “You’ve been there 5 months already, aren’t you use to it by now?” NO – I’m not use to it by now and while I’m in this doze-off stage things from the past flash to the present. I question everything around me. Is this person real. Is this moment real. Sounds come in and out. I question parts of my life and often times when I snap back it’s kind of overwhelming and stressful.

The best way for me to acknowledge things is to write them down. It allows for some thinking, analyzing and acceptance.

With the fear of over-sharing information let me just say that the lifestyle I carried in Miami was very comfortable. I had a fun job – one that is often times coveted by many yet obtained by few. The job allowed me freedom. It allowed me to be myself and learn the in’s & out’s of the industry. I got to meet so many great people whom I can now call friends.


I was invited to amazing parties. I partied with celebrities. I made great money and for the majority of the time, the last 10 or so years working in the hospitality industry were great and opened so many doors for me.

I paid my way through a private university. I paid off my first vehicle. It helped me grow-up. It taught me how to hustle. It made me stronger mentally. Of course there were some really bad times but I’ve never been one to focus on the negative, so I’m sticking to acknowledging that I had it pretty damn good…to an extent.

That same lifestyle I carried was draining my energy. Everyday there was another hot party to go to. Everyday there was drinking and partying until 8am the next day. Let’s be honest, parties in Miami don’t stop until the next afternoon. Everyday there was pressure to make quotas, book clients. When it rained in Miami it poured and it was beginning to completely drain everything in me.

It was time to make a change. I wanted more for myself. That’s when I started researching the possibilities of moving into another sector of the industry. However, moving abroad dominated my thoughts. I consistently applied to whatever job I could find because I was desperate to get out. I was willing to take on whatever was coming just to get out. Why you ask? – Well, I wanted to grow up more. The last 10-years of my life have taught me some incredible lessons and life is too short to stop growing. How could I possibly continue to grow if I stayed in the same routine.

Have Less.

When I first received my job offer to move to Kuwait I was thrilled. Then I went through fear, doubts and eventually acceptance. Moving to Kuwait meant sacrifices and one of those including taking a slight pay-cut financially. I also had to sacrifice moving away from my family, my friends and the lifestyle I carried. No more Champagne Sundays, or 7am after parties – because Kuwait is a dry country. I would essentially have less than what I had in Miami. I was completely terrified. I’ve been so accustomed to living in the states for half my life. I was use to a particular lifestyle – I knew how to do everything in the States. Moving abroad would mean – starting over, not really knowing anything about the country I was going to or the lifestyle I would have.

Do More.

Moving to Kuwait meant I would have less of the things I was use to but more opportunities to grow. It was exactly what I craved. Since arriving to Kuwait I’ve been so involved with different opportunities.

My second weekend in Kuwait I co-hosted one of the GCC’s biggest CrossFit competition. That was my first CrossFit competition and my first time getting on the mic outside of the USA. I work for one of the nicest gyms I’ve seen in my life. I have an opportunity to grow professionally, showcase my talents and continue to learn.

I started 2016 doing what I love. I traveled to Europe – visited places I’ve never been to, saw family I haven’t seen in years and got to know an amazing group of ladies.


I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing people in Kuwait. I’m immersing into culture. Any opportunity I have to experience something “Kuwait Style” I want to be a part of it.

When I lived in Miami I was so wrapped up in the flashiness lifestyle that I missed out on all the other things Miami had to offer. There’s no point in dwelling in the past so when I arrived to Kuwait I promised myself the experience of a lifetime. I’m opened to everything.

First of all it is so refreshing to connect with people and your surroundings sober. Honestly. I can’t remember the last time I went out in Miami without having a glass of champagne to carry me through a conversation or a date. I don’t have that luxury in Kuwait. Things happen organically just how they’re meant to happen. Conversations carry naturally how they’re meant to be. Deeper questions arise.

There are so many things to see and do in Kuwait & it wasn’t until this week that I’ve done some pretty awesome site-seeing and experiencing. I was done with work at 2pm all week so that gave me an opportunity to seize the day. I checked out the Souq, learned about the city. Checked out some cool cafes with live music. Learned about the in’s-and-out’s of the city.

I went out to my friends farm where I’ve had the most fun ive had in a long time. I absolutely love animals and even though I’m a city girl at heart sometimes it’s really refreshing to step out of the city and experience all that nature has to offer. I was surrounded by dogs, turkeys, baby turkeys, chickens, goats, sheeps. I’ve never seen a live turkey up close and personal, let a lone held a baby turkey in my hand (lol).


I have so many plans. My vision board is bursting with ideas and goals. I’m on this I’m going to do whatever it is that makes this heart pound faster because I just want to do more & be more.

Be More.

“I live my day as if it was the last. Live my day as if there was no past.” — All these experiences in life teach us more about ourselves than we expect. Personally, I was tired of the lifestyle I carried. I know there’s much more to life than what I was experiencing and I want to be a part of it. I want to do and see everything. I’m watching myself grow into someone incredible and I don’t ever want to stop growing.

I’ve learned to love myself. I understand what it is I want, love or need in my life. I’m fully capable of doing anything I want as long as I apply myself. These experiences have improved my self-confidence and discipline. This also serves as a reminder to appreciate everything that comes in and out of our lives.

Part of life is about creating and finding ourselves. What are we willing to do in order to achieve that? We all have different goals and lifestyles that we want, but at the end of the day do we want to sit around and watch everyone else do all the fun stuff, the traveling, learning and experiencing while we stay behind? Not a chance, I’m not staying behind.

Some people think I’m absolutely crazy for picking up and leaving everything behind, for taking a partial pay-cut and switching lifestyles. Sometimes I think to myself I absolutely am, but this plan I have isn’t going to work unless I put in the effort to make it work. Money is an important part of our day-to-day life but it shouldn’t be the significant factor in your true happiness. Chasing your passion will lead to your truest happiness and overall satisfaction of your lifestyle. It may not always be perfect but it will be worth it.

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