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If you’ve ever dreamt of traveling the world, then it’s probably safe to say that getting a passport has crossed your mind. For many though, traveling the world may not seem like a feasible thing to do most likely because of the cost, and secondly because they don’t have a passport. While I understand that everyone may not have the means to always go on international adventures, owning a passport is a very worthy piece of documentation.

Now days, more and more people are opting out of the typical 9-5 lifestyle. Many are choosing life overseas, a life of travels, and the flexibility of having their own personal and travel schedule at the tip of their fingers. Times are changing, & at the rate it’s changing, if you’re living in the USA a simple drivers license may not be a strong enough piece of documentation for traveling from state to state in the future. Don’t get stuck in long queues, start your paperwork now & be ready for anything. Check out this article for more information:


Let’s state the obvious: If you have any desire to travel anywhere outside of the USA (or the country you live in) you must have a passport to exit & enter any country when traveling internationally. Having it on hand will speed up booking & visa processes when needed.


Convenient & Multi Purpose – It is the ultimate form of ID: You can always count on your passport as a verified form of ID. Everywhere I’ve traveled to I’ve always been able to count on my passport for identification purposes. If I lost my drivers license I used my Passport as a form of photo ID along with other personal documents to obtain another. If I needed to verify my identity for an employment opportunity my passport has always been the fastest & most convenient way to do so.


Personal Growth: Traveling takes us out of our comfort zones & challenges us. Going to an unknown place, with an unknown language & culture will help you grow. You’ll have to apply skills you’ve attained from other areas, & learn new skills along the way. From metro-map reading in Paris, to learning to take a taxi in Kuwait, or bargaining in the markets of Spain, traveling will expose you to things you just can’t learn from a book.

Traveling with friends is also a challenge. They say you really get to know someone when you travel together. Friendships & relationships will be tested. If you’re the more experienced traveler, you’ll have to be patient with your friend. The truth is, both of you will be outside your comfort zones & you’ll learn a lot about each other. You’ll have to find a way to figure it out together. The ultimate experience is finding out how other cultures, laws, countries, and people live their day-to-day lives. You’ll learn to communicate with someone without knowing their language, & when it’s all said and done, you’ll have newly developed skills in both communication & relationships you can use back home.


Job Opportunities & Promotions: You’ve been working extra hard & your efforts finally have been
noticed. Your boss says “hey, next week we want to send you to Italy to oversee the next production meeting, please send us your passport information” – How’s this scenario going to go down for you? Are you prepared for this or will you have to turn it down? Do yourself a favor & open your own doors of opportunity & be prepared! Oh, & speaking of opportunities, your friend just reached out to you about a possibility of working a job overseas, the experience sounds incredibly, you know they’ve been having a great time & you’re curious about the job. Will you be ready to hop on the adventure train, or will you be missing it?


Do it Now: Getting a passport is a freedom we have as citizens of our country/countries. I am a dual citizen owning both an American Passport & a Venezuelan Passport. I’ve had both since I was small & have always kept on top of renewals through my growing up. It’s convenient to have both, just in case I need one or the other anytime.

The earlier you get your Passport the better. Most passports have about 10 years of use until they expire. Having a passport handy can save you time & money when your desires for travel kick in. In the USA, current passport fees are $140 for passports and expedited services may add $60+ for last minute passports.


Travel goals: How many times have you daydreamed about visiting Paris or tanning at one of those beautiful beach resorts in the Caribbean? Vacations are life luxuries that are attainable if we want them bad enough. Owning a passport from your perspective country will bring you closer to reaching those travel goals you’ve always dreamed of. Start with the goal of obtaining a passport and then work your way into saving for that dream vacation.
Having a passport handy will open a world of opportunities. With a passport in hand you can say yes to that last minute trip to Cancun your girlfriends planned or that amazing travel deal on Groupon to Dubai. The places you can see when you own a passport will leave you with experiences to last a lifetime. You’ll feel refreshed, knowledgeable, cultured. Traveling helps to broaden your perspective in life and understand the world around you. You’ll soon learn to appreciate life for other things than what you’ve been accustomed to.



When you have a passport – there’s nothing holding you back.


In need of a Passport?

Follow this link with information on how to obtain a US passport:

You can also fill out an online application for your passport at:

What are you waiting for?

Get your travel on!!





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