Welcome to My Thrill Life!!

I created this personal lifestyle blog as a way to express my creativity and experiences through words, photos and videos. As a visitor, you’ll get a chance to look into bits of my personal life experiences and passion for traveling. Now days the internet has given us the ability to share our experiences and adventures with all our loved ones and with a family as big as mine, that’s exactly what I use my site for. 

A couple fun facts you say? Well, my passion for the entertainment arts led me to pursue a Bachelors degree in Communications in Broadcast Journalism & Theatre Arts from the University of Miami. My need to make ends meet & survive living in a big city led me to jobs in the hospitality industry, where I learned about the importance of customer service, attention to detail & to respect the service industry. My love for travel kept me stress-free, allowed me to meet new people, experience new cultures, & appreciate the world around me! All of this led me to the pursuit of happiness. For the longest time I was searching for a way to use my multiple skills and experiences to make ends meet, but not just that, I wanted to enjoy what I was doing as well!

In 2015, I left my life in Miami behind, a decision that wasn’t easy, but my happiness was top priority. I moved across the world, as far east as I had ever been, to Kuwait City, Kuwait. The experience has been challenging yet very rewarding in many ways.  I’ve had the blessed opportunity to experience new cultures, grow professionally and personally, and I’ve truly enjoyed my journey thus far. 

I’ve found writing to be a way a de-stressing & letting go; and my blog has allowed me to share my experiences with the world. 

Thanks for stopping by, & hope you’ve enjoyed catching up with me.