After a tough season of pet relocations and hard work, nothing is more rewarding than a surprise get-a-away to a new place! All summer I was watching all of my friends (and their pets – lol) travel all over the world and had a bit of FOMO, but I had to hang tight and let the summer come to a close before I could make a move.

KWI → Bodrum

Finally, I know where I’m going, time to pack bikinis, dresses, comfy shoes, and good attitude. 

New places, fresh air, beach, and of course open bar! Bodrum is a town in the southern Aegean coast of Turkey, known for its laid back vibe, beaches, with things to do for all types of trips: families, couples, or friends. 


We flew TK Air overnight from KWI to IST – and onto Bodrum. The flight from Kuwait was quite empty so we were able to get some sleep before arriving in Bodrum. Those overnight flights are a killer sometimes. We escaped on a holiday weekend, so you already know those tickets were hot hot hot! (lol). 


Bodrum is full of hotel choices to fit all budgets and personalities, a quick search on Booking or Google will open up a world of opportunities of where to stay. We stayed at the Lujo Hotel on the outside of Bodrum, but absolutely worth it! As you’ll see on the website the Lujo Hotel is enormous, with something to please all types of people, afterall their whole thing is “The Lush world of Art & Joy”. 

We spent 3 nights at the Lujo Hotel. In all honesty, we hardly left the property because we went there to relax, and the hotel had everything we needed. The hotel property is stunning. We stayed in the Adults-only area and it was perfect, with an adult-only beach club next to us. I think we stayed in the best part of the hotel, because we had an easy access to the beach, and everything else around us was a quick walk, or a hop on a buggy. Between the great food, and unlimited drinks at any bar in the hotel it really seemed like we were in paradise. 

The hotel had activities for nearly everyone, from Yoga, to kids games, beach excursions, events at the pool, and much more. We opted to chill at the pool and beach, c’mmon let’s be serious I’ve barely been hitting the gym while in Kuwait, what makes you think I’m going to do any workouts while on holiday! We did the parasailing excursion on the beach and it was really fun, but the service was awful and the people in charge were so rude. Too bad, in a hotel with such class, I really expected better customer service. 

The only thing I did not enjoy at the hotel was the service. For a property rated 5 * I expected the service to be 5 * and unfortunately it wasn’t. Although we had a really fun time at the Lujo, a couple of really negative situations left me with a bad taste and I really don’t see myself staying there again. If you want to know the details about my experience at the hotel, I left a nice little review on Trip Advisor regarding our stay. I realize that working over 10 years in upper-scale hospitality can drive you to having high expectations everywhere you go, but I really do try to give places chances they deserve and my experience at Lujo could’ve been much better, specially considering the price tag behind staying at their hotel. 

Out in the Town

The 1 day we did go out in the town, we nearly spent the entire day out. Originally we wanted to go and meet with a boat company to see if we could hop on a small boat tour through Bodrum, but by the time we arrived – they were closed (we probably should’ve booked this ahead of time). We then opted for shopping, but once we got to the mall (Midtown shopping center), we realized that it was quite a basic mall and we were better off shopping back home in Kuwait. After the mall we hit the popular boardwalk in the Marina and just walked around looking at local shops and vendors. By the way there are 2 marinas in Bodrum, but we only got to check out Marina Yacht Club Bodrum.  We popped into a little restaurant bar that grabbed our attention, then headed back to our hotel. 

The hotel is about 30-40 minutes away from the main center of Bodrum and this turned to be challenging as in both occasions the drivers were a bit careless and we got car sick. Needless to say by the time we got back to the hotel the beach club had a DJ and we could wine down with a couple of drinks. 

Bodrum → KWI


Our return flight went Bodrum – DOH – KWI with Qatar Air. The Bodrum airport is quite small, so there isn’t much to see or do. The hotel gave us some passes to enter the lounge in the airport, but I think we would have been better off just grabbing some food and coffee from the regular food court options. The check-in process was quick and easy, and in no time we were boarding our flight back to Kuwait. 

Bodrum was the perfect place to get away for a couple of days & to see something new. I didn’t step out much to explore the surrounding areas, but the day trip to the city & the kick back at the hotel were the right balance of fun & relaxation. Thanks to the internet you can easily book all your flights, hotels, and excursions through a quick search on google. If you’re interested in booking a private boat trip, or any type of private excursion, I recommend you do it in advance & confirm everything before you arrive! 

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